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Expert advice for daily lens wear during coronavirus

Expert advice for daily lens wear during coronavirus

Given recent developments with regards to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, it’s more important than ever to take care of yourself - and that includes taking care of your eyes! So, our in-house optician has put together some tips to help keep you (and your eyes) healthy during this time. 


Hello! I’m Anita, an in-house optician here at Waldo. I've put together this cheat sheet to ease any worries you might have about daily lens wear during this time. I hope the below points address your concerns, but if not, you can always get in touch with me directly on

A lens a day

With regards to the type of lenses to wear during this period, don't worry - your daily lenses are perfectly safe to wear, and incredibly practical. They're actually categorically the most hygienic form of contact lens when compared to longer-term lenses such as monthlies or bi-weeklies, due to the fact you can snap open a fresh pair every morning - no need to reuse or store them overnight as you do with longer-wear lenses. Plus, dailies are individually packed, so it is super easy to carry a spare pair or two with you. If for any reason they’re uncomfortable and you feel you need to replace them with a fresh pair, simply make sure your hands are completely clean and sanitised, then reapply your new pair of lenses. 

Soap, rinse & repeat

As we’ve been told many times over the last few weeks, we must wash our hands regularly. This means soap and water for at least 20 seconds, thorough rinsing and ensuring they are completely dry. If you’re using hand gel, it should be at least 60% alcohol-based and you must always allow enough time to let the moisture dry before you touch your lenses. 

Safe keeping

As a general rule, (virus, or no virus) water should never come into contact with your lenses. That means they should be kept away from any showering, swimming, hot tubs, etc! Keep them safely stored away in your bathroom cabinet, and only remove them once you’re ready for application.

Hands off

Government guidelines have instructed us to limit the amount we touch our faces. It goes without saying that this includes your eyes. Perhaps lay off any eye make-up and non-essential facial products for a while, since this will only encourage you to wipe, rub and generally touch up your face (and I’m sure you look good enough without it!).  

Remember, I’m here to help and will continue to provide you with tips and advice should you need it. You can reach me directly on

See you soon!

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